May 9 2012

IPL analysis – Popular teams and their players

So which team is the talk of the town? Let us have a look at the nine team stats.

All the teams are scaled relative to the comments received on 31st Mar by DC. CSK , MI teams have received more comments relatively over the other teams. The teams show sharp peaks and dips.  Peaks occur whenever that team contests and the dips are mostly witnessed on non-play days.

A sentimeter watch on all the teams further reveal that CSK,DDand KKR have received consistent trends

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Show us the popular batsmen amongst the all

Saurav Ganguly. Yes you heard us right! Not Sachin Not Shewag and not even Dhoni.  A look at the stats reveals that Ganguly is definitely the talk of the town followed by Sachin, Dhoni and Sehwag.

Their sentiments reveals that Ganguly has received consistent tweets of late compared to Sachin and Dhoni…


A look at the bowlers however reveal that  “Slinga Mallinga”  is definitely Mr.Popular followed by Ojha, our very own Bhajji and Nehra…..


and their sentiment score further reveals that Nehra and Mallinga have consistently remained audience favorites …

Interestingly all of the top captains has got featured in the batsman and bowler category. Pls do note that the comments received by  Sehwag  on 27th March is used for comparing.


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– Team Aaum

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