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Sep 19 2015

Building Data Science in your organization – Is it really important?

Analytics for businessDoes data science bring value to your organization? Hang on, what is this data science really? Why should we really care about? You got to really care because this one might change the way you run your business in the near future whether you like it or not. Just like Software/IT changed the world a few decades before!  IT is omnipresent and those who didn’t care to change the wheels suddenly had to pay steep price to change their course. Today, thankfully the cost of IT adoption is very low since the industry is much matured to provide right solutions at low price. But the initial period was very crucial. People were extremely cautious about implementing, evaluated ROI, questioned why they should invest considering there were new systems, servers, recruitments, etc. Those were the times where clear ROI from IT cannot be calculated. IT was nascent. There were gross blunders like Y2K issues. But the world got changed and IT has touched almost all facets of life.

Whether we like it or not, data science is going to bring another transformation in the day-to-day activities. There is a wide perception that data science is applicable for bigger organizations and not for small and medium businesses. Of course, there are successful early adopters. A few have burnt their fingers with analytics adoption. Money ball showcases how Billy bean uses data science effectively for making a good team to compete in base ball. Of course, there are several criticisms for the same strategy in other games. The success requires careful adoption to the business context.

The analytical adoption is getting more matured. It is time for the companies to realize quick data driven insights, if they want to achieve a competitive edge over other companies. How should one adopt the analytics strategy? Come and attend our analytics event “Analytics for CXO” -a must not miss program for the CXOs who want to adopt/implement analytics for their organization.

  1. Update yourself with bleeding edge analytics developments happening in the industry
  2. Customized Analytics roadmap specific to your organization/department
  3. Consultation with industry experts – subject to prior appointments.
  4. Practical use cases with analytics implementation, benefits and value
  5. Focused group discussions on the benefits , challenges, issues, faced by the organizations
  6. Learn best practices from the industry, academia and peers
  7. Analytics Jumpstart Kit – Small data or big data. This Kit is definitely a must have for your organization.

Registration @ Explara -
Date: Saturday, November 21, 2015, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Venue: IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai