Oct 22 2012

Analytics for Business Success & Excellence

On 20-oct-12, we conducted a work shop on Analytics for Business Success & Excellence which spanned along four sessions with focus on

1.Business Analytics for competitiveness, Innovation and sustainability

2.Reaping benefits from Analytics(case studies with demonstrations)

3.The right reporting Framework, doing it the BIRT way

4.Future of Analytics

The delegates varied from several businesses like finance, automobile, media, BPO, police etc.

The first session, Business Analytics for competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability, delivered by Dr.Prakash Sai, Professor of Strategy, IIT Madras focussed on how Analytics helps businesses to attain sustainability through competition and innovation.

The second session Reaping benefits from Analytics delivered by Ms.Parvathy Sarath, lead Analyst, AAUM focussed on case studies with live demonstrations of businesses like finance, social media, digital media, retail, entertainment, crime and human resources.

Live demonstrations of market basket analysis, credit scoring, productivity trends of an employee, sentiment analysis of audience for the recent regional movies were shown. The movie meter dashboard helped the audience in easy visualisation of how the predictions of post release sentiment on the movies was in sync with pre release insights.The Analytical Process Model framework that the aaum team developed for the retail industry depicted how to achieve the retail process maturity.  Targetting the right segment of the customers for promotional effeciency through slicing and dicing of data was highlighted using the Entertainment case study.  The KPI’s that the AAUM team demonstrated on the HR front focussed on the entire life cycle of the HR organisations.

These demonstrations helped delegates understand how actually Analytics work for their business excellence and how insights can be drawn from the rich in-house data available to uncover business strategies they can deploy.

Third session delivered by Mr.Nilesh Karnia, senior consultant, Actuate with focus on The Right Reporting Framework, doing it the BIRT way was about the sophisticated reporting tools and how end business user can gain advantage by using the right reporting tools.This session focused on right reporting format using BIRT(Business Intelligence and Reporting tool) and live demonstration of Actuate products through one design, one server and one user experience on various platforms with dash board visualizations.

The final session Future of Analytics, Business Trends & Technology delivered by Mr.Rajesh Kumar, Manging Director, AAUM. The session is on the importance of big data and why it is high time for organisations to adopt big data analytics using sophisticated technologies like Hadoop, Parallel processing and Cloud computing.

This session started with an interesting video of how analytics helped Venky, CEO of Kolkata Knight Riders in choosing his team members. The delegates were awe-struck when they saw that 12 GB of data could be analyzed within seconds. Further more, there was a real time demo on how to maximize the efficiency with the available resources using parallel processing. Cloud computing, one of the most efficient storage and computing framework that has been developed recently, was also illustrated using a real time demo. The demo focussed on deploying analytics techniques on the cloud and stressed on its advantages of freeing business people from the hassles of buying, maintaining and managing the resources.

The session ended on a serious note of making better bussiness decisions using big data with powerful analytics. As Charles Darwin’s famous quote says, “Survival of the fittest”.In the current scenario, it is not only the survival of the fittest, it is the survival of the smartest.

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