Apr 25 2012

UnTwittering IPL

Our analysts have come up with an interesting approach to gain an understanding on the IPL matches. The team has carefully picked up the relevant sentiments expressed by people in the tweetosphere and have come up with metrics to measure the popularity of teams, popularity of their members, etc prior to the match as well as after the match. Keep watching this space as we have got very interesting plans to extend this research to predict the performance of the team, players, etc.

To begin with, let us consider the match that we hope to begin in a few minutes between CSK and RCB (Most likely to get called off due to rain :( )

The past results between CSK and RCB reveal that Chennai team has won 7 times of the 12 matches they have encountered. But anything can happen during the match between these two giants. Let us look at the tweet results for the most awaited match between CSK and RC to know what people think about these teams and their favorite players to watch for.

 CSK has emerged as a clear winner in terms of tweet count

preferred players in CSK

preferred players in RCB

As we mentioned earlier, this space will get more insightful over the next  few days. Want to know how they have fared in social media after the match? Did the ranking change after the match? Wait for a day!

As always your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome. Send them to socialmedia@aaumanalytics.com

– Team Analytics

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