May 17 2012

IPL Fielding unfolded!!!

Want to find out the team that has been the talk of the town for their fielding approach in IPL 2012?….Our today’s blog will focus on finding the teams well known for their fielding tactics, the top fielders and how they have fared over time.


A look at the team analysis for fielding reveals that Pune Warriors has been out in the limelight for their fielding tactics for quite a while. Of late Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers are also seen in the picture. All the teams are scaled to the sentiments received by Mumbai Indians on 3rd April.

Sentiment analysis reveals that Pune Warriors have been receiving a lot of appreciation for their on field performance followed by Rajasthan Royals of late. Kolkata Knight Riders have been surprising the audience with their fielding techniques since the 24th of April from when they have gone on a winning spree.

And the top fielders of IPL 2012 are……


Steve Smith has definitely become the audience’s favorite since his amazing catch on the 5th of May where Pune Warriors lost out to Kolkata Knight Riders in a fierce battle. Dada and du Plessis has also been on the look out for their fielding skills…

Mr Popular of IPL 2012, Dada, well known for his batting skills are also liked by the audience for his fielding approach…Bhajji has shown peaks and dips on and off…Please note that all comments are scaled to the comments received by Harbhajan Singh on 6th April.


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